Unique and Exclusive Access to Deal Sources
Experienced Investors,
Operators and Industry Experts
Data-Driven Venture Investing

Investment Philosophy

ZedanMorgan Capital leverages our professional relationships to source and access venture capital opportunities where we seek to be the last money in before a significant value creation inflection point. We seek opportunities with a large commercial upside and where we estimate risk has been significantly mitigated. We strive for superior risk-adjusted returns by concentrating our investments in only what we view as the very best ventures. In addition, ZedanMorgan Capital pursues local distribution and/or development rights for Saudi Arabia and the Middle East where relevant and possible.

Sector Focus

ZedanMorgan Capital currently focuses our investments in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical space. We believe that the small/mid cap sector has been depressed in public markets in these spaces, which provides an increased opportunity in the private equity markets to secure top-tier deals at favorable terms. This favorable investment landscape coincides with what we believe is one of the largest and fastest growing commercial environments in many years for the sector with outstanding potential for venture opportunities.

Deal Sourcing

ZedanMorgan Capital intends to utilize its relationship with a leading investment bank to receive access to limited or exclusive top-tier venture capital investment opportunities in USA-based emerging growth biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. These deals are rarely introduced internationally.

Due Diligence

ZedanMorgan Capital intends to leverage its sourcing partner, external advisors with extensive domain expertise and success, and the broad investment acumen of our team to evaluate investment opportunities.
ZedanMorgan Capital has access to a wide network of former industry executives, which enables us to keep current on market developments, technology and business model evolutions, as well as to get insights on specific disease indications and treatments. Throughout the diligence process, significant consideration is given to the strength, skill and track record of the leadership teams at our deal targets.